Friday, December 15, 2017

Loose Lips Sink Ships

While searching for space ships to use in homework 12 I found this little bit of design.  It was created by a fan for the game Star Citizen and there are several components about it that I appreciate.  It has a very early modern feel to the design and in particular it reminds me of the type of design that was common in war propaganda from WWI to WWII.  The illustration relies on flat silhouettes to produce the image of a ship exploding.  The more I looked at this design the more I began to recognize it as a reproduction of an actual WWII propaganda that had the same tagline.  I really thought it was neat because the message that is portrayed about espionage was very relevant during WWII and will also be very relevant in the game Star Citizen, so it was a really nice way of taking an older design and remaking it.

Image result for star citizen graphic design

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